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3 yoga poses to take care of your feet

How many times a day do we think about the wellbeing of our feet?

Constantly caught up in a thousand daily commitments, we often tend not to take enough care of that part of the body that supports us in every moment throughout our day. Nothing to fear of, yoga is on our side!

Indeed, the feet are an active part of this discipline, in which we practice barefoot. In this way, it is easier to adhere to the floor or to the mat and achieve greater stability.

But did you know that there are some positions that are perfect just for the wellbeing of your feet?

  • The head-down dog pose: stand and flex your torso forward until your palms touch the floor. You can also flex your knees a little, if you don't reach all the way to the floor with your hands. Then look at your belly button and try to relax your neck as much as possible.

  • Hero's pose: Sit flexing your knees and bringing your heels under your buttocks. Remember to keep your back erect. This position is very useful for those who stand a lot during the day because it improves flexibility and relieves muscle tension.

  • The tree pose: Stand upright and wiggle your toes to distribute your body weight well over the entire sole of your foot. Then flex your right knee and try to bring your right heel toward your groin by opening your knee outward. Pull the belly button in and contract the abdomen. Keep your left leg resting firmly on the ground and bring your hands together in front of your heart. Now observe a fixed point in front of you and relax. By doing this, your balance and posture will improve and you will feel fulfilled.

Try them all and choose your favorite! Your feet will thank you.


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