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The anti-stress, wellness power of walking

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Walking improves circulation, activates your metabolism, opens your mind, reduces anxiety and helps fighting states of depression. Does that sound absurd? But it is really so powerful: as several researchers claim, walking brings many benefits, so why not include half an hour of walking in your daily routine?

WAHU shoes | BLOG  - Woman walking in a city street

First of all, walking gets your muscles moving and allows you to release a good dose of endorphins, which are known as 'feel-good hormones' because they ease muscle tension. Walking keeps you fit, improves tone and lowers blood pressure.

In addition to healthy exercise, walking is also important for the emotional sphere. Its relaxing power is particularly effective if you walk in a park or green area. The connection with nature is, indeed, optimal for taking some time for yourself, reflecting and staying in peace.

This is the true wellness power of walking.

Breathe deeply, look at the green trees, close your eyes and let negative thoughts go.

If you are undecided about the best time to go out, late morning is certainly the time when the sunlight is the highest and helps vitamin D production.

While walking, don't forget to drink water, to which you could add some magnesium to support you. Last tip: clothing must be comfortable, especially shoes. If you don't want to go wrong, WAHU has developed shoes that adapt to your foot and to terrain conditions.

And if we still haven't persuaded you to walk more, here's our ace in the hole: walking is a completely free activity, you can do it anywhere and without the need for a booking.

Cast off your doubts and... start walking!


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