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13/02/2024 Update

Hey everyone :)

Here we are with a new update!

As mentioned previously, after the first shipments in the end of Dec, we collected feedback from the first users.

From the feedback collection, aside from the good, we understood that the cleats in the new version of our shoes were shifting too much when users selected the maximum level of pressure, making most of the users feel a sense of instability.

This is something that starting from mid January we immediately addressed and modified. Below you can check a video which shows the modified cleats extrusion.

We will now move forward with the implementations and then with the next batches of shipments. Stay tuned! :)

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22/12/2023 Update

Hey everyone :) Today we have news for you!

We have just started shipping our shoes to the first selected users! 

We cannot thank you enough for the patience you've kept in the past months, and we ask you to wait a little longer. In fact, we will first collect feedback from the first users and then move forward with shipments in order to make sure that our shoes are "WAHU" indeed.

We value your involvement deeply in this groundbreaking moment of our company growth, so please feel always free to reach out to us with any feedback or question.

We cannot wait to see you wearing them!

Here some updated pictures and videos from the final assembly:

Scarpe spedizione
Scarpe spedizione
Scarpe spedizione
Scarpe spedizione
Red decoration with Wahu shoes logos

04/12/2023 Update

Hey everyone :) today we've got a nice update! With our sole manufacturer we solved the pneumatics issues we had in the soles and they are now in testing.


Here some pictures of the soles in operation:


Since we're now a few weeks before starting shipments, would you like to be contacted to be among the first to receive shoes and give us your feedback within our structured program for feedback collection? We want to keep improving our product also thanks to your involvement!

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31/10/2023 Update

Hey! We know you’ve been waiting for some time now for an update. Sorry for the wait from all of us. 
We haven’t disappeared - in the past months we have been working non-stop on optimizing and making our pneumatics work perfectly within tests. 
Today, we are still working with our supplier to fix the current bad fit between our pneumatics and the soles that cause critical malfunctionalities (i.e. air pressure does not reach the desired level and leaks). 

We value deeply your support and are working for not disappointing the expectations! Please know that we are always available to answer questions and doubts at our email:

More images coming from production soon.
Thank you!

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02/08/2023 Update

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 20.09.00
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 20.09.0
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 20.09.06
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 20.08.55
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15/07/2023 Update

WAHU shoes prototype

WAHU shoes optimized sample for production (1)

WAHU shoes prototype

WAHU shoes optimized sample for production (2)


Electro-pneumatics assembled and ready

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