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5 walks on the snow close to Milan

The winter vacations are coming and what could be better than a walk on the snow to escape the city? In this article we’ll show you 5 walks close to Milan.

monte con neve
(Credits: Hotel Locanda Bonardi)

1- From Albaredo San Marco to Rifugio Alpe Piazza (SO)

This route allows you to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Orobie Valtellinesi. Starting from Morbegno, you climb towards Albaredo San Marco. After the village, continue and leave the car along a mule track, then enter the woods. At first you will find a bit of an incline, but later the route leads to sunny glades that allow you to quickly reach the Scoccia alpine pasture and, to follow, Corte Grassa and Corte Grande. Finally reaching the Alpe Piazza hut, it is possible to continue further by climbing the snow mounds behind the hut.


2- Pian di Gembro Reserve (SO)

This trail begins at the picnic area above Aprica, which can be reached by car. Near the wooden bridge at the beginning of the nature reserve, that's where the actual walk begins, leading up to the Dosso. The route is along a 6-km loop trail that runs parallel to the town of Aprica, and allows you to admire the beauty of its valley and adjacent mountains, with an easy elevation gain for everyone.


3- Walk to Maniva (BS)

The trail begins near the Bonardi Restaurant, reachable by car from Collio, Val Trompia. The trail is clearly intuitable and flanks one of the ski slopes of the Maniva Ski area. This leads to the Dasdino peak, where there is also a chalet where you can have lunch. From here you continue, facing a climb, to reach the Dasdana peak. If you wish, you can continue further, but we assure you that the view rewards the effort even here.


4- From Piani di Bobbio to the former hotel Pequeno (LC)

This itinerary starts near the bobsled area. The itinerary is almost flat and leads to the remains of the former Pequeno hotel, open until the 1960s, when it was connected to Barzio by an old cable car, now decommissioned. It is possible to return to the starting point via the new Orscellera cable car.


5- Tour of the shelters at Piani di Artavaggio (LC)

You can get to Piani di Artavaggio by cable car from Moggio. Once here, take the beaten track in the direction of Rifugio Nicola and Rifugio Cazzaniga. You pass near the small church dedicated to Mary Mother of the Church and, then, start climbing towards the Nicola hut. Once past the refuge, you can first head to a small mouth that looks over Valtorta, and then retrace your steps to reach the Cazzaniga refuge.


What are you waiting for? Set off now and don't forget to bring your high tech sneakers!


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