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6 solutions for sustainable urban mobility

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

As we now know, the future of urban mobility is sustainable and human oriented. Sustainable mobility means a way of moving that focus on enviromental sustainability and oriented toward reducing pollution, safeguarding the health and quality of life of citizens, preserving public space as a common good, and saving energy and resources.

Let's see in this article 6 sustainable urban mobility solutions to choose from, starting with public transportation and ending with walking with high-tech sneakers.

Sustainable urban mobility
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1- Public transportation

A viable alternative is definitely public transportation. Trains, subways and buses are among the most sustainable means. First of all, they reduce congestion and allow, therefore, to put less pollutants into the air. Another advantage is certainly one related to cost - public transportation, in fact, is one of the cheapest. Also, there is a safety aspect; for example, a bus is considered 79 times safer than a car. Trains and subways are even safer.

2- Bicycle

The bicycle is also a viable alternative for getting around the city. The bicycle is the ideal means of transportation for short trips, as it is light, easy to use and unexpensive; it also allows you to get anywhere and stop wherever you want. In urban areas, the bicycle is often faster than the car and than public transportation. It is one of the most sustainable means of transport, helping the city reduce traffic and pollution, as it is green, does not make noise, does not consume oil and does not produce any harmful gases. In addition, cycling is very good for your health, as it prevents major diseases and helps you stay fit.

3- Electric scooter

A viable alternative can be found in electric scooters, too. First of all, they are environmentally friendly means of transportation since they are electric. In addition, scooters are very quiet, convenient to park, and riding them is definitely a lot of fun. Moving around the city with electric scooters, therefore, allows you to take little time to get around, reduce pollution and spend time outdoors.

4- Electric cars

For those who do not want to give up the convenience of a car, a viable alternative for getting around the city in a sustainable way is the use of electric vehicles. One advantage is definitely the fact that traffic restrictions, such as the Low Traffic Zones, do not apply to this type of vehicle often. In addition, beyond the convenience of being able to move around the city freely, drivers can save money on fuel, enjoy ample battery life, and benefit from the exemption of road tax.

5- Sharing mobility

Another viable alternative for getting around the city is sharing mobility. This approach allows people to share vehicles, spaces and routes with others, making travel more efficient, quicker and environmentally friendly. There are various types of sharing, such as car sharing, bike sharing, scooter sharing, as well as carpooling and other similar modes of sharing.

6- High tech sneakers

Finally, a good solution for moving around the city in a sustainable way is, unsurprisingly, using our own feet. Walking is good for our health, helps prevent important diseases, allows us to stay fit., and is also beneficial for the mind. If we then help ourselves with high tech sneakers, walking definitely becomes more comfortable, more enjoyable and a unique experience!

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